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Readbeforedating com

Using his own marriage and the failed dates of others as fodder, he explores the proper way to treat a date, with suggestions on what to talk about and how to behave.

At times, the language does not sound as if it is coming from a man of the cloth--he jokingly confesses to having memorized all of Portnoy's Complaint, and he refers with ease to Viagra, Tweety Bird boxer shorts, and rubber dolls.

While you may not agree with all he has to say, Boteach is never preachy (even when stating his views about abstinence until marriage, he is firm without being close-minded).

Many of Boteach's observations are banal and oversimplified, and he assumes a world full of cookie-cutter men and women, the former commitment-phobic and the latter terrified.

(See, for example, his suggestion that men single-mindedly try to get women into bed, and women naively assume that sex "is a sure sign of love.") The ten commandments are an innovative scrim before this otherwise predictable relationship manual.

The fourth commandment (remember the Sabbath) teaches readers to make dates special occasions.

From the fifth commandment (honor thy father and mother), we learn to bring dates home to our folks for brunch or dinner and not to be afraid to "parent" our dates.

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As men we do things out of ignorance and this book can help us to learn how to be better men of G-d and fathers.

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